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Studio Theatre Link


i’m a terrible blogger. i should have posted the minute I left the Studio Theater that the DC production of Passing Strange KICKS ASS! They paid us the biggest compliment they could have by making it their own sweaty, complex, funked-up, wonderfully messy, multi-layered, smart-ass, tear-jerking, wild animal of a show. And I’m not blowing […]

i haven’t seen it yet but i can’t wait. if you or someone you know is in DC, see it.


It starts with the artwork which is where all great records (used to) start remark the colors the light the exact LA light the cacti graffiti light and the hazy sun kissed underwaterness of a beachy silverlake afternoon and the view of downtown LA and the way the light alights upon the artist’s hair the […]

Party of Lincoln…

finally saw “nothing but a man” today on sundance channel and while, based on all i’d heard i was expecting to be blown away by both the film and ivan dixon’s performance (which i was, i mean HOW did this cat not turn into a superstar??? and how did the director not make another movie […]

thanx for making it down

i’d like to thank everybody who came down to st ann’s to see “making it.” night after night the show grew into an evermore surreal celebration of love and loss. nobody had any idea that would happen so the credit for the show’s success can’t go to me and Heidi or Jeff or Jim but […]

stew review of jon c’s review of making it

Hey Jon, Despite the fact that you work for the nytimes your review was full of shit. Literally. Not sure if you are too but it’s not a question worth losing any sleep over. Because yeah, we knew we were due for a hatchet job from the nyt given the long string of praise we’ve […]

Review of Stephen Roderick’s New York mag preview article on Making It

I really got a kick out of Stephen Roderick’s article about Heidi and me in the current issue of New York mag (sorry I don’t know how to create links so sue me), despite the inaccuracies, which I’m here to anally address. You may remember when I reviewed Stephen Holden’s review of us in the […]

it was on pbs…

if you’d have asked the 17 year old me whether working with the public theater, berkeley rep, the sundance institute, being on broadway or winning a tony would be a dream come true i would have said no. but if you’d have asked me if any work of art i had anything to do with […]

why patterns?

there was a time when I was too busy or too impatient to appreciate Morton Feldman’s music. But on long late autumn nights here in Berlin I have no time for impatience. I can go the distance. “Why Patterns” has been my late night theme song lately. Ok, at 29 minutes or so that’s a […]