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Monthly Archives: October 2006

first five show weekend and the best television ever…

i dig these five show weekends…ok, i’ve only done one…but i like how much yer forced to learn about the piece by doing it so many times in such a small span of time… offday: rodewald and i went to sausilito and hung forever at a really cool italian cafe that looked like it would […]

in the middle of it…

three shows into my first 5 show weekend and i’m feeling energized by the jam-packedness of it all…doing a matinee really puts a nice edge on the late show… we, the cast/band, took a cool step forward last night… nice seeing the amazing composer brian woodbury at our saturday matinee. he flew in just for […]

we’re all gonna wake up one day and be…

during last night’s acid trip (the one in the play i mean, silly) Chad taught me so much about the character Terry that I never knew…stuff I will either be applying to later versions of this play…or simply stuff for me to clock and apply elsewhere…what I’m getting at is I’m seeing how the writing […]

that shicket is gonna be wicked…

frenz, OUT Night at Berkeley Rep was a blast. Met and got to talk to some cool people at the after party. I talked too much, however. You’d think after running my mouth for two hours or more I’d be able to shut up a bit. To the prof from Berkeley who teaches aesthetics, I […]

wake up pillow huggin’ son of mine…

…cuz surely it was a dream…angela davis herself standing in the doorway of our dressing room smiling and telling us how much she liked our show…angela being the aunt of the utterly amazing eisa davis who plays the mom in PS, the eisa davis who writes plays, poetry and music…the eisa davis who makes me […]

and it was always OPENING NIGHT

So, We had an amazing opening night. It was like soaking in warm bath water with bubbles and some close friends. 400 close friends. The day of the show I was having a tough time getting into the whole opening night spirit cuz on a rock and roll tour the 4th or 5th show would […]

a tough day for scorpios

church, i think my favorite thing about theater is that monday is an off-day. there is something beautifully perverse about being off on the day when most people are on. HR and I went to saul’s deli (the matzoh ball soup will make you stop waiting for the messiah) then escaped to Tilden Park and […]


hi, we’ve been in berkeley for a month or so… and getting groovier by the minute…. me, heidi (who co wrote the music and musical directs), annie dorsen (director co creator) spurney (co-musical director, guitar/piano hero of joe’s pub fame), marc doten keyboards (negro problem/stew longtime family member) and russ kleiner – young groove pimp […]