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a tough day for scorpios

i think my favorite thing about theater is that monday is an off-day. there is something beautifully perverse about being off on the day when most people are on. HR and I went to saul’s deli (the matzoh ball soup will make you stop waiting for the messiah) then escaped to Tilden Park and chilled on the biggest stretch of grass in the world. We heard the wings of a very large bird flying over us. It was that quiet. We could hear the bird’s wings fluttering like a machine designed by god. Later that day the smiling check-out guy at elephant pharmacy who was checking out Rodewald in more ways than one told her today was a tough day for Scorpios. And since I’d started the day by behaving badly to a certain scorpio (rodewald is aries) I actually felt a little bit new agey for like 6 seconds. I emailed an apology to said scorpio when I got home. But I love it when people who work in stores say shit like “Today is a tough day for Scorpios.” The chicks at Sav-On drugs in north hollywood cali never talk about scorpios. And certainly not on Mondays.

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