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the kids are all riot

if they are numb this world is number.

2nd & 3rd nytimes blogs

the 2nd 3rd and final /s

some questions answered…

hi, folks from england always ask if we are ever going to come over and i guess the answer is, i don’t know. we are coming out with a new record in january called “making it.” we’ll be playing here and there in the states to promote it and who knows maybe someone will want […]

Go See Chris Rael’s Araby

If you came to Brooklyn Omnibus or our Passover Seder at Barbes or if you’ve been a student of the great new york underground for more than a little while, you know who Chris Rael is. He is the founding member of legendary New York band Church of Betty, he plays a mean sitar and […]

Our Man in Kenya

Passover Strange

hi, i’m not on facebook but i think my name is. for an unknown period of time a very sweet assistant of mine was posting stuff on facebook and pretending it was me. this was her trying to be good to me by giving me a facebook presence because she knew all too well I […]

sxsw not

hey sorry there has been no official announcement of this from our camp but we are NOT playing sxsw this year despite the fact that we seem to be still listed as playing according to some people. sorry for any confusion…or jazz fusion. /s

SF -Yerba Buena Arts Center

This was one of those shows we will always remember… even as I’ve forgotten key details of it already! I do remember it had that electric goose-bump vibe from the beginning that good shows always have. It’s like the space is permeated by haze of warm, expectant grins. When you walk out the audience just […]

davis 2…

…was us finally not feeling stunned by the fact that we did not have our Omnibus Orchestra behind us…it was a real club show and it was quite alot of fun saying things both in and between songs that made the young people laugh and the older people kinda squirm. It only took a day […]

the hair of the gig that bit us…

yeah it was weird going from omnibus orchestra to five piece combo but the room @ davis is quiet warm and intimate and somehow that made sense last night. it’s the kinda room i’d like to do a week straight in just to figure it out. omnibus was different from any show we’d ever done. […]