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the hair of the gig that bit us…

yeah it was weird going from omnibus orchestra to five piece combo but the room @ davis is quiet warm and intimate and somehow that made sense last night. it’s the kinda room i’d like to do a week straight in just to figure it out.

omnibus was different from any show we’d ever done. i really felt more like the host of a cool party rather than the guy on the marquee.

spoke with davis students yesterday. sharp young people. what a strange world to be young in…which is i’m sure exactly what my parents thought…or did they?

“sexy brooklyn mami” translates quite well outside of brooklyn as we found out last night.

we started out as this LA band playing LA songs for New Yorkers. In a few days we’ll be this New York band playing New York songs for LA people.

Did that make sense?
Does anything,
when yer on tour?