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Go See Chris Rael’s Araby

If you came to Brooklyn Omnibus or our Passover Seder at Barbes or if you’ve been a student of the great new york underground for more than a little while, you know who Chris Rael is. He is the founding member of legendary New York band Church of Betty, he plays a mean sitar and sings up a storm. But most significantly, he writes amazing songs. And if that were not enough, he writes amazing works of music-theater as well!!! He also hangs with this dude named Joyce, an Irish cat who I hear is a real up and comer. Apparently, JJ is really easy to work with and him and Chris have done some kick-ass collaborating. Check out the below info and go see Chris and Co. do amazing things.
It’s gonna be DY-NO-MITE!

Christopher Rael
Writer: Chris Rael, based on stories by James Joyce
Director: Awoye Timpo
Joyce’s Dubliners come to life in popular song: 15 stories in 15 songs. Soaring voices and chamber ensemble transform gut-wrenching vignettes into tales of redemption. From eastern-flavored Araby to gospel pastiche Grace to The Dead, beauty, joy and catharsis beckon.
1h 30m Local Brooklyn, New York
Musical Drama
Staycation: Literary Lane
VENUE #9: The Ellen Stewart Theatre @ LA MAMA
Sat 13 @ 2:30 Wed 17 @ 6:15 Fri 19 @ 2 Sat 20 @ 7:30 Sun 21 @ 12

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