“its a bit over the top isnt it?” asks donna. “loosen up – its just the context thats distracting” laughs alfreeda. “you went all may 68 when folks started selling space on their lawns for ciggy ads. but frau engels changed her tune, didnt she?” alfreeda teased. “I had school loans to pay off.” “well chairwoman meow, that ad probably paid for the man’s funeral. the family were obviously cool with it. and besides, those Falacos, ooooh, they could make a dead man say “gimme one more to go!”


in the lobby of the “ain’t no valet parking in hell” funeral home, alfreeda and donna are waiting and talking. it seems that a dead man’s forehead has been sold as advertising space. a fluorescent yellow, red and orange advert for a nearby falaco emporium (falaco = carne asada in pita bread) has been attached to the man’s forehead to be seen by all who come to pay their respects.