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Monthly Archives: August 2011

the kids are all riot

if they are numb this world is number.

2nd & 3rd nytimes blogs

the 2nd 3rd and final /s

some questions answered…

hi, folks from england always ask if we are ever going to come over and i guess the answer is, i don’t know. we are coming out with a new record in january called “making it.” we’ll be playing here and there in the states to promote it and who knows maybe someone will want […]

Go See Chris Rael’s Araby

If you came to Brooklyn Omnibus or our Passover Seder at Barbes or if you’ve been a student of the great new york underground for more than a little while, you know who Chris Rael is. He is the founding member of legendary New York band Church of Betty, he plays a mean sitar and […]