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Monthly Archives: July 2008

home sweet home…

its a perfect circle: the same small stage that Heidi and I called home before PS ends up being the same small stage that the entire cast/band of PS feels equally at home: joe papp’s pub. even the name makes sense: it’s a theater guy’s rock club. this never occurred to me until now but […]

what about making records?

so a few people have responded to my post by asking why i didn’t mention making our records as being artistic challenges. (or was that artistically challenged?) anyway, i guess i didn’t include making records because that’s just simple fun. like playing touch football or sitting around talking shit with yer friends. i mean when […]

and so…

…on to the next challenge…

ps notice

Friends, Passing Strange is closing on sunday july 20th. that would be 10 days from now. so act accordingly. you can read the below in your spare time. this broadway chapter has been a compelling addition to the continuing stew and heidi saga. Our story has always been about accepting challenges. It started in LA […]