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Monthly Archives: December 2006

seven ways of looking at King james

1. funk is the sound of a math problem solving itself all night long. 2. Griot Maximus Of your Descartian universe The Creator himself was jealous For he’d wished he’d written “I can’t stand myself” Since that one always hit him Right where he lived. 3. we when write what we think is ours we […]

tuesday morning, S-berg

Winter coughed rudely In Schoeneberg’s face Early this Berlin morning It carried a cold, thick fog Like a light gray carpet On it’s icy shoulder Past the whiskey bar (Yes, there’s one right around the corner On Eisenacher Strasse We’ll be there tonight Oh, don’t ask why) Winter balanced the fog Between Haupt Strasse and […]

so what is going on?

Rodewald and I have a running joke about how little our lives are understood by many of the folks closest to us. Especially for those who didn’t make it to Berkeley, it seems to be difficult for some of our peeps to get a handle on things. We can tell from their questions and comments […]

postdamer platz

ONE A year or so ago my kid and I were strolling through an exhibition of german expressionism’s greatest hits when she excitedly pointed out the title of a painting which we found ourselves standing before: “Potsdamer Platz” by brother Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (1914). I watched the slow sweet light of recognition spread across her […]

kulcha zoo

When will we learn that you don’t “give” people culture? And when will we learn that taking them to a fucking museum once a year achieves nothing more than the Zoo-ification of the Museum? /s

art dad…

My father used to take me regularly to the Watts Towers. He was not a highly cultured man by any means (although being from Kansas City he had an intimate knowledge of jazz…saw a young Charlie Parker jeered and laughed at as he and his younger friends cheered him on…punk rock has many guises, my […]

david hockney please come to the ghetto…

So let the painters paint Encino and Palms and West Hollywood and Watts and Boyle Heights and Compton and Long Beach and Beverly Hills (and please David Hockney come to the ghetto and paint South Central) and then let those paintings be exhibited and then let us take our children to see them so that […]

a little something written around the time arthur and syd took a long walk deep into the garden…with some added bits…

hi, if i believed in heaven (which would be a place that looked like london with berlin’s rents) i’d say something corny about arthur and syd, kindred not-of-this-world spirits both closing shop within something like a week of each other…but since london’s rents will never drop anywhere close to berlin’s let me just say how […]

nice try…

friends, i am in berlin composing on a german keyboard so forgive any punctuation today that may prove even more annoying than my usual punctuation. its taken me some time to get settled here but i shall return to regular blogging form starting tomorrow. neil young once said of a town in north ontario All […]

tuesday’s light…

…the show is gone but berkeley carries on…as do we…we who never saw the sun rest its rays on Shattuck and Center quite like it did today…it seemed to shine in a whole new way…perhaps we’d been too distracted to see it…perhaps we’d been too busy to be it…sunlight burnished the horde…and onto every corner […]