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home sweet home…

its a perfect circle: the same small stage that Heidi and I called home before PS
ends up being the same small stage that the entire cast/band of PS feels equally at home:
joe papp’s pub.
even the name makes sense: it’s a theater guy’s rock club.
this never occurred to me until now
but of course PS would get its start at a theater guy’s club.
where else?
and while the stage never felt smaller with 80 of us up there last sunday
it made perfect sense:
the spirit of this play comes from the intimate club experience.
the broadway stage is more BIG ROCK SHOW because its
more people and louder
but the old thrust theaters back at berk rep and the public
were actually more club-like in their intimacy.
That said,
Everybody said the show would “lose something”
when it transferred to the proscenium.
But i think it actually gained something.
It wasn’t wrong, just different.
Big Rock is fun too.
But nothing beats the club.
If only because you never have to remind people
That we’re all in this room together.