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Monthly Archives: May 2007

regarding blogs

so, since i last blogged all kinds of amazing shit has happened. wonderfully inspiring life changing stuff. and i’ve been too busy living it to blog about it. this blogging thing really just isn’t for me. i’m too old fashioned. i understand diaries. a place to unload your private thoughts. but i don’t really get […]

chad is looking for a place…

Hi, Chad Goodridge of the Passing Strange cast is looking for a place in either the West Village, Chelsea or Union Square. Let’s say $800 per month (and go from there). If you see something say something. /s

saying it so makes it so???

hey, someone just told me that either new york or the new yorker mag referred to me as ‘subversive san francisco songwriter Stew’. so while i am not presently a san franciscan, i am more than happy and ready to become one if anyone connected with the city has a flat they’d like to give […]

joe’s pub meets joe’s theater: thursday night party people say it’s alright

so, one of the first ideas that came out of bill bragin’s mouth while sitting around the PS planning table..(ok, it wasn’t a planning table it was a bar table)…was “Let’s do a late night show of passing strange, invite a younger-than-the-average- theater-goer audience… and throw a party beforehand so everybody can grease their wheels […]

may day: this is how we role

yeah, so i guess i’m just not the blogging type. haven’t written to you in about 3 weeks. we’ve been rehearsing and creating like crazy. last sunday we had a dress rehearsal in front of people and it was fun. D broke a chair onstage like it was a toothpick so despite the fact that […]