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regarding blogs

since i last blogged all kinds of amazing shit has happened. wonderfully inspiring life changing stuff. and i’ve been too busy living it to blog about it.

this blogging thing really just isn’t for me. i’m too old fashioned. i understand diaries. a place to unload your private thoughts. but i don’t really get why i’m supposed to think anyone will care about my day to day thoughts. when i do read blogs i’m always stunned at how mundane they are. my life is more interesting than the average blogger’s and yet i’m not deluded enough to think it’s all that interesting.

all the internet savvy people tell me it’s just a trick to get people to “keep coming back to your site.” yeah yeah. i’m so tired of hearing that. if you are reading this now please get out of here and email someone you love and tell them that you love them. maybe that’s a good reason for a blog to exist. to remind you to tell people you love them.

i hope someday soon i will be able to provide you with a quality reason for coming back to this site. like new songs and stuff. but until then…

today i ate sushi. isn’t that fascinating?