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what about making records?

so a few people have responded to my post by asking why i didn’t mention
making our records as being artistic challenges.
(or was that artistically challenged?)
anyway, i guess i didn’t include making records because that’s just simple fun.
like playing touch football
or sitting around talking shit with yer friends.
i mean when do you ever get to just sit around and see what
it sounds like to send a broken drum machine through a vintage phase shifter?…
all in the name of
(insert spinal tap accent)
and it’s usually air conditioned.
always dark…
and you get to order lotsa tasty but bad for you but tasty food.
its amazing how many times within a two week period
you can eat “in & out burger” and still love it.
i can’t wait to get into a studio again.
i’ve met so many cool musicians in the last three years
the next TNP record will be a circus of joy.