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wake up pillow huggin’ son of mine…

…cuz surely it was a dream…angela davis herself standing in the doorway of our dressing room smiling and telling us how much she liked our show…angela being the aunt of the utterly amazing eisa davis who plays the mom in PS, the eisa davis who writes plays, poetry and music…the eisa davis who makes me forget where I am onstage because I get lost in listening when she’s singing…as for her aunt angela, that’s the only kind of star power capable of turning me into a stuttering fanboy…genuine OG star power… not based on publicists, trends, or the fact that you might have a highly rated tv show but no talent…no, I mean real star power…based not on polls but on deeds, star power based on time served, star power based on spirit, actions, fire, a sunlight smile and a commitment to the questioning and transformation of things as they be…you put a blessing on this show tonight with your presence…I don’t care what the old fogeys think… if you liked it – we’s a hit.

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