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in the middle of it…

three shows into my first 5 show weekend and i’m feeling energized by the jam-packedness of it all…doing a matinee really puts a nice edge on the late show… we, the cast/band, took a cool step forward last night…

nice seeing the amazing composer brian woodbury at our saturday matinee. he flew in just for it and we were quite flattered indeed.

sundance folks were in the crowd last night and that was so nice…they saw this thing when it was me reading it at a table in a dusty room with heidi and charlie z backing me up quietly. sundance turned me into what you might call a writer. they gave me a table, a chair, a big comfy room and a view and said “do it.” they put me and dorsen and heidi in a big beautiful house in the mountains and said “make this crazy play.” they were the first to give me actors to write for. I got introduced to the addictive high of writing words at 5am and hearing them spoken by amazing actors by 11am that morning. they preseted me with utopian vision of how art could be made and i carry that with me always. sundance is such a part of this piece that i am quite certain that without their nuturing we would not have made it this far. it was very cool having them there.

today’s big question is: is flint’s open on sunday?


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