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Party of Lincoln…

finally saw “nothing but a man” today on sundance channel and while, based on all i’d heard i was expecting to be blown away by both the film and ivan dixon’s performance (which i was, i mean HOW did this cat not turn into a superstar??? and how did the director not make another movie for 20 years???) it was Abbey Lincoln that completely knocked me out. Just floored me. I could not take my eyes off her. She seemed to be walking this unbelievably compelling tight-rope between looking like someone “acting” and yet being so real, so in the moment and so drop-dead charming that that in itself became a kind of amazingly idiosyncratic acting style all her own…if that makes any sense…it is after all 440am and I’m packing and procrastinating…i could utterly geek out on this movie…i mean watch it over and over again just to try figure out what she was doing and how she did it…never mind she is impossibly beautiful in it. I can still hear her voice…ok, i’ll go back to work.


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