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it was on pbs…

if you’d have asked the 17 year old me whether working with the public theater, berkeley rep, the sundance institute, being on broadway or winning a tony would be a dream come true i would have said no.

but if you’d have asked me if any work of art i had anything to do with being broadcast on pbs woulda been a dream come true i would have said without a doubt, yes.

pbs played such a crucial role in my artistic upbringing that it would take an essay to even begin to address it. after the music i was listening to, pbs was the single biggest influence on my brain. mostly
because, like the music i was listening to, it made being an artist seem like the coolest job in the world.

so tonight, jaded as i am, i was quite blown away.

thanks to all who did what they did to make it all happen.



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