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punch bowl

i now own a punch bowl. this punch bowl makes me think of my mother and father in the late 60s, early 70s and their finger poppin’ parties. Back when adults were still cooler than kids (although the kids were gaining ground). I remember how limitless and cool adult life looked. They smiled like gods. […]

go see Passing Strange THIS WEEK at the IFC Theater on 6th ave

i just found out from my kid that its still running at the IFC. Of course, being on facebook, she learns of these kinds of things well in advance of me or anyone else who had anything directly to do with the film. She has actually been my only timely and reliable source for Passing […]

asphalt orchestra rules

i am speechless. they are so amazing.

Passing Strange in Los Angeles

Friends, Spike’s film will be happening on opening night of the Downtown LA Film Festival on Wednesday, August 12th. And stay tuned for my thoughts on the recent NYTimes article. with greetings from the capital, /s

Bio? Nada.

the problem with my local organic supermarket is that you have to be a millionaire hippy in order to buy lamb there. tribeca was cool. someone told us they were shocked cuz our talk-back was actually entertaining. i didn’t few the film but i heard it looked and sounded amazing in their theater. i’m still […]

their review

the review of the review won’t make sense unless you’ve read the 1st review…

…and of course even then it may not make sense… /s

Stew’s Review of Stephen Holden’s Review of Alice Tully Show in New York Times

It’s no doubt the height of bad taste if not idiocy to take issue with a completely positive review such as the one Stephen Holden so graciously penned in the NYTimes today of my Alice Tully Hall show last Friday. I’ll probably regret it the moment I click “send.” But immediate regret is half the […]

nothing deeper than these changes

I don’t know which was more unlikely: Obama becoming Prez or a middle-aged rock freak winning a Tony. I think the latter. I thought 2007 was about as surreal as my life could possibly get. 2008 made 2007 look like an episode of that BBC series about the country veterinarians. I’ve never bought into New […]

the history channel

Mandela’s release, the fall of the wall, the LA riots, the birth of my kid, the introduction of the euro, the election of obama…i always seem to be in berlin when big things happen. and that makes sense for berlin is the history channel…sure, a part of me wanted to be on flatbush ave celebrating…but […]