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thanx for making it down

i’d like to thank everybody who came down to st ann’s to see “making it.”
night after night the show grew into an evermore surreal celebration of love and loss.
nobody had any idea that would happen
so the credit for the show’s success
can’t go to me and Heidi or Jeff or Jim but rather to all the artists collectively,
Mike, Marty, Joe, Brian, Dan, KJ, and Jamie,
who did their thing and just kept on doing it all week long. Credit also must go to the people who saw it
and were open enough to go there with us even when nobody knew where that murky hallway was leading.

Credit also must go to st ann’s.
I am deeply thankful to the people at st ann’s for not being afraid
of allowing the show to NOT know what it was,
thus allowing it to become it’s own thing from rehearsal to rehearsal
and from show to show.

The show was allowed the freedom to teach us what it was.
And figuring that out from night to night was some of the most
intense fun I’ve ever had in my life.

Far too often people come to see things
wanting it to be something specific, frozen, clear-cut, etc. I do this too.
But sometimes things are in the process of becoming
when you see them. And learning to appreciate art in the state of becoming is something
I’ve been working on. Because music is always in the state of becoming. So I should know this

On another topic, I was pretty stunned at how many people, despite very specific press release and website language,
who came thinking “making it” was a play. We tried really hard to send the message that this was a concert
but apparently, for better or worse, Heidi and I now have a hilariously strong rep as theater-makers, which I guess overwhelms
even our best attempts at explaining to people what they might be in for. This is
funny/weird for us cuz we still think of theater as our moonlighting job and music as our real job. Don’t get me
wrong, I am HAPPY to have more than one career, so believe me I am not hatin’ on my situation. I feel lucky as hell.
We wanna do it all. It’s just a trip sometimes being viewed as something you don’t totally feel you are. But we’re working on it.

To end, a special shout out must go to Jim Findlay and Jeff Sugg. But I barely know what to shout out.
Cuz we didn’t do any shouting and not even too much talking. We did more joking around than
anything. They blew me and Heidi away. That’s all I can say.


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