friday night flood…

Meine Damen und Herren
Cast your eyes to The Center of the Universe
Stand up pilgrim and move your hips
In a convex mirror they paint their lips
Come in, Pilgrim, enter this trance
Kommen Sie bitte rein!
They’re naked and they dance

Off with your traveling shoes
So caked in mud
Since we’re out of holy water
Can we wash them in blood?

The sky is teary eyed
And the road is bitter mud
What was blown in by the storm
Is taken out by the flood.

the equivalent of whiskey and afternoon tea…

between addison and haste
It hit me today

We are a rock band
Taking tea with Theater.
We are its charmingly disheveled guests.

And we, in turn, have reserved
A nice corner table
At Joe’s Pub
For Theater to sit at
She is our well-put-together
Plus one.

And when the curtain goes up
We all become guests and hosts
In and of each other’s worlds.

We are all just visiting.

And the songs we sing will be
The equivalent of whiskey and afternoon tea
As the attention you pay will also be.
And we will sit with you
And you will sit with we
And together we’ll exchange something
Deeper than mere pleasantries
And at the end we’ll both ask ourselves
“Was it as for them
As it was for me?”

And the next day we’ll have even more people over for whiskey and tea.


i don’t remember sunday…

things have been hectic and i don’t remember anything about sunday’s two shows…so if the nice lady who sent the nice comments about the sunday matinee would allow me i’ll post her comments in an effort to keep the chronological “flow” happening…i await your permission…

full moon…noel cowards only got…consequences.

saturday night went crazy keyboard malfunctions weird ghostly sounds in the house all around so while it makes sense that humans would be moved by the moon why would keyboards be??? that said we dealt with it…spurney came thru like the gunslinging champion music machine we all know him to be…playing these crazy songs on guitar instead of keys and quite frankly i loved the sudden adjustments…the unexpected new can be so beautiful when it’s music…because this show is a concert we have to allow for rock and roll kind of shit to happen…broken strings…busted amps…and girls sitting on their boyfriends shoulders wearing halter tops…(has that ever happened in the theater? it should) and because it is also a play we have to allow for the unexpected entrance of a butler from stage left holding a tray and asking “is this a noel coward play?” and we say “no” and he says “well, would you like a drink anyway?” and we say “indeed, my good man, indeed.”

waiting for ghetto…

friday night…fun crowd…folks came correct and ready to laugh…daniel breaker, our young god of a lead, continues to flow…continues to groove at an ever new level…continues to be the music…sets the madness meter…tonight this play is not so much about being IN the moment as it is about simply BEING the moment…bobbing and weaving with the moment…doing the ali shuffle in flow mo…just making it flow…like mahler…flow…like “look at you and your job”…flow…whoa…like waiting for ghetto…flow…flow’s a cool word, huh?

thurs day…thurs night…

played for alotta high school people at thursday matinee…after playing for people anywhere from two to three to four times their age it was quite fun and interesting to see in which places the young adults laughed…and didn’t laugh…at the shows grand finale i asked them if they were ditching…this must have seriously confused all the adults in the crowd who must have been wondering what the hell i was talking about…

we need to do this play in front of more young people…in alot of ways it’s more their play than anyone else’s…

thursday night was a hot show…but i don’t remember anything about it…someone today just said that so i must believe it to be true…


now let us praise those who speak, even while drunk, in complete sentences…

someone in a bar said to me…

“We don’t have to “understand” everything that happens in the world of Passing Strange. The title itself should be a clue to that fact. It is a total sensory experience before it is anything else. It is a play that operates like music. And since it is clearly inspired by the power of music and it’s creators are musicians, one shouldn’t go expecting a neat little living room drama about a family in Connecticut.”



radio stuff…

Thursday night at 7:30 PM, 30-minute interview on KUSF’s Words on Theatre (90.3 FM)
Friday at 12:35 PM , live five-minute interview on KCBS 740 AM.

lord knows i love a haunting/halloween in the process

i don’t know what the moon looked like
in your halloween sky
but onstage tonight
it was full, huge and orange…
and it floated like an ice cube
in the black kool aid of our minds…
and the play was a parade
of giggly spirits laughing at
halloween in the process
of conquering tuesday…