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full moon…noel cowards only got…consequences.

saturday night went crazy keyboard malfunctions weird ghostly sounds in the house all around so while it makes sense that humans would be moved by the moon why would keyboards be??? that said we dealt with it…spurney came thru like the gunslinging champion music machine we all know him to be…playing these crazy songs on guitar instead of keys and quite frankly i loved the sudden adjustments…the unexpected new can be so beautiful when it’s music…because this show is a concert we have to allow for rock and roll kind of shit to happen…broken strings…busted amps…and girls sitting on their boyfriends shoulders wearing halter tops…(has that ever happened in the theater? it should) and because it is also a play we have to allow for the unexpected entrance of a butler from stage left holding a tray and asking “is this a noel coward play?” and we say “no” and he says “well, would you like a drink anyway?” and we say “indeed, my good man, indeed.”

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