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the equivalent of whiskey and afternoon tea…

between addison and haste
It hit me today

We are a rock band
Taking tea with Theater.
We are its charmingly disheveled guests.

And we, in turn, have reserved
A nice corner table
At Joe’s Pub
For Theater to sit at
She is our well-put-together
Plus one.

And when the curtain goes up
We all become guests and hosts
In and of each other’s worlds.

We are all just visiting.

And the songs we sing will be
The equivalent of whiskey and afternoon tea
As the attention you pay will also be.
And we will sit with you
And you will sit with we
And together we’ll exchange something
Deeper than mere pleasantries
And at the end we’ll both ask ourselves
“Was it as for them
As it was for me?”

And the next day we’ll have even more people over for whiskey and tea.


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