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thurs day…thurs night…

played for alotta high school people at thursday matinee…after playing for people anywhere from two to three to four times their age it was quite fun and interesting to see in which places the young adults laughed…and didn’t laugh…at the shows grand finale i asked them if they were ditching…this must have seriously confused all the adults in the crowd who must have been wondering what the hell i was talking about…

we need to do this play in front of more young people…in alot of ways it’s more their play than anyone else’s…

thursday night was a hot show…but i don’t remember anything about it…someone today just said that so i must believe it to be true…


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  1. Loquax wrote:

    I liked the show, Stew. I liked the music a lot more than any of the pop musicals you hear on Broadway these days.
    Yes, we were the young people of Berkeley High school, or around 40 of them, anyway. It was nice to have that interaction at the end, it made us part of the show.
    I’ve been recommending the show to my friends before they age.

    Sunday, November 12, 2006 at 6:21 pm | Permalink

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