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regarding blogs

since i last blogged all kinds of amazing shit has happened. wonderfully inspiring life changing stuff. and i’ve been too busy living it to blog about it.

this blogging thing really just isn’t for me. i’m too old fashioned. i understand diaries. a place to unload your private thoughts. but i don’t really get why i’m supposed to think anyone will care about my day to day thoughts. when i do read blogs i’m always stunned at how mundane they are. my life is more interesting than the average blogger’s and yet i’m not deluded enough to think it’s all that interesting.

all the internet savvy people tell me it’s just a trick to get people to “keep coming back to your site.” yeah yeah. i’m so tired of hearing that. if you are reading this now please get out of here and email someone you love and tell them that you love them. maybe that’s a good reason for a blog to exist. to remind you to tell people you love them.

i hope someday soon i will be able to provide you with a quality reason for coming back to this site. like new songs and stuff. but until then…

today i ate sushi. isn’t that fascinating?


chad is looking for a place…

Chad Goodridge of the Passing Strange cast is looking for a place in either the
West Village, Chelsea or Union Square. Let’s say $800 per month (and go from there).
If you see something say something.

saying it so makes it so???

someone just told me that either new york or the new yorker mag referred to me as

‘subversive san francisco
songwriter Stew’.

so while i am not presently a san franciscan, i am more than happy and ready to become one if anyone connected with the city has a flat they’d like to give my daughter and I, rent free or very cheap, for proudly representing the city of SF. Same offer goes for Berkeley or Oakland. Until then, I remain, officially, “subversive Berlin songwriter Stew.”

joe’s pub meets joe’s theater: thursday night party people say it’s alright

one of the first ideas that came out of bill bragin’s mouth while sitting around the PS planning table..(ok, it wasn’t a planning table it was a bar table)…was “Let’s do a late night show of passing strange, invite a younger-than-the-average- theater-goer audience… and throw a party beforehand so everybody can grease their wheels a bit before sitting for 2 hours and see what happens.”

Well, it happened. And the “what” that happened was without a doubt one of the most electrifying experiences I’ve ever had on any stage: in this play or in any club we’ve performed at.

It really was the hybrid we always dreamed of!!! Joe’s Pub meets Joe’s Theater. I know Hedwig covered similar ground and is a deeply important work of art (without the groundbreaking existence of which, we wouldn’t have even gotten the opportunity to do this) but i don’t think Hedwig had a bunch of actors who weren’t in the band running around doing scenes, dancing about and carrying on while the band did their thing too.

In this play we’ve always talked about wanting to marry the rock club experience with the theater experience. What made this night different was that the ENTIRE audience behaved like members of the wedding.

They were as ready to party as we were.

And if i sound like i’m blowing my horn too much think again: i’m blowing the audience’s horn. You cant have a party without guests. Noel Coward said “i’ve been to a marvelous party” and told you all about it and i was at one last night and i’m telling your ass about it so switch to youtube right now and you can’t hang.

for the record, wednesday kicked ass too in a big way…as did saturday night and both sunday shows. But thursday I will always remember as the night we made our dream come true ON OUR TERMS…

have a drink, loosen your tie and nod your fucking head for chrissakes…what is happening right in front of you is actually happening…


may day: this is how we role

so i guess i’m just not the blogging type.
haven’t written to you in about 3 weeks.
we’ve been rehearsing and creating like crazy.
last sunday we had a dress rehearsal in front of people
and it was fun.
D broke a chair onstage
like it was a toothpick
so despite the fact that this is a play
she wasn’t playing
this is how we role…
tonight we experienced the first visit of paying customers.
also fun and funny
some mic stands got kicked down.
we clearly like to fuck shit up:
chairs…mic stands…your expectations…
we are still making changes
(are you?)
and enjoying the hell out of constructing our bag of tricks…
we’re about to mess with you.


first day with actors…first read through…much fun had…now it begins…