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Monthly Archives: January 2007

bfs #1

at church they gave the impression that a woman could go to hell if her hair wasn’t done, her stockings had a run or she wasn’t dressed like patti labelle

miss lady #13 in a series

BLACK YOUNG LADY GIRL Once I was in Brighton (pause) the beach, you know. It was stormy that day. He didn’t want to go but I made him take me there. (pause. She now imitates an older, upper class englishman) “I can’t see the road yet you speak only of your hair. I so love […]

bell…the corporations and nature.

no no no no no, my people are GHETTO, the poet screamed over the music in a palo alto bar…this was last winter and then she laughed authoritatively and screamed it again this time LOUDER pointing to herself MY PEOPLE ARE GHETTO now grabbing my upper arm for emphasis just like bell hooks did 15 […]

words written after watching a wonderful doc on the praying mantis

Dear Praying Goddess, We, The Practical And practically useless, Can only laugh Uneasily And salute you The game is over Sweet statuesque friend And in our simple, single minded way We’ve lost our heads again The boys and I nod Our naked, flowing necks, In unison To the gruesome poetry Of your sensible carnage Squirming […]