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bell…the corporations and nature.

no no no no no, my people are GHETTO, the poet screamed over the music in a palo alto bar…this was last winter and then she laughed authoritatively and screamed it again this time LOUDER pointing to herself MY PEOPLE ARE GHETTO now grabbing my upper arm for emphasis just like bell hooks did 15 years ago in brixton after i’d mustered up the courage to approach her…oh when bell hooks grabbed my arm and squeezed it some wicked electricity raced through my being and the buzz drowned out the wisdom of the two or three or four sentences she’d composed for my whisper hungry ears alone and i fell even deeper in love with her…which i didn’t know was possible…i can still feel her grip…(i find the memory of this brief exchange in some small way political)…and then my friends teased me after saying bell is a lesbian and i don’t remember what i said then because i was only thirty…but today i would say “good”…for if you can fall in love without the promise of sex you are advanced…calling biological determinism into question i.e. the human impulse to fuck and have kids and shop at ikea, is as noble as questioning capitalism…and equally problematic…it’s david vs goliath…and if david misses, goliath will fuck his shit up. literally. since we’ve already taken the natural impulse to breed and exploited/distorted/perverted it with beer commercials and breast implants one could do worse than take a minute to think about taking back sexlove from both the corporations and nature. for it seems nature and the corporations are our biggest oppressors. i’m sure some french philo has said all this in a way fancier way but those dorks can’t write songs so fuck em…bell probably talked alot about oppression on that brixton night…she left an impression on me and my arm…i was a familiar accent amid an afterparty backdrop of spirited english socialists… YOU DON’T KNOW GHETTO LIKE I KNOW GHETTO – I’M TALKING COUNTRY GHETTO the palo alto poet screamed and screamed again laughing like a blood thirsty maniac now…you know how people laugh when you realize they are enjoying the conversation far more than you are? i sat through the rest of this movie wishing she were bell in brixton 15 years ago. only i’d wanna be 45 instead of 30 cuz then I’d have something to say while i gripped HER arm…

if you hear me…

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