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My entire “art god” collection
Could fit inside a midget’s change purse.
But Robert Altman’s got a suite in there.

His whole punk rock approach…The American artist forever blessed and doomed
To be in conflict with narrow minded powers that be…the beauty of his filmic chaos…
the poetry of his curious camera…always searching…
It never “showed” as much as it “looked” for things…and we just followed along…

Me and a lot of other people have always thought that one of life’s great ironies was that so called “avant garde” art (frinstince the kind that fucked with linear narrative) was actually a lot more like real life than the mainstream art that passed for “realistic.” Is this then why “avant” stuff is ultimately off putting to the masses: because, in the words of Eliot’s bird “human kind cannot bear very much reality” ? I think so.

A performance piece in which someone sits for a half hour reading a magazine might seem quite “odd” to the average person…and yet who has not done this very thing in actual life countless times? Yet everyone loves a film about a man with x-ray vision who can fly and who has a large New York city apartment. Indeed, human kind cannot bear very much reality. Surely no one made films that looked more like reality felt than Altman.

I was really into auteurs
From Italy and France
When I happened upon
‘3 Women’ by chance
I was tripping at the time
And I loved its freaky feel
Then I watched it when I was straight
And it was even more surreal

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