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Chairwoman Now (dreams she is not a band)

alfreeda is standing in the short line sign song sanging from the ceiling it whispers “everythings fine girl liked ta blow my mind…” this gives her that carsick feeling donna equals man on pre-disney 42nd street who smells of mothballs and weed “black? White? chinese girls with dirty feet? Ah, for once I got something you need”

alfreeda is a rainbow and a mango and she watches the anita hill hearings hanging in limbo doubting thomas and wondering who brought all this upon us and whether the onus was a bonus she is a republican and an african and I have paid her a visit so that I might laugh again.

“ain’t no valet parking in hell” sang fred “mandrake” bell then he danced across the street and bade us all a fond farewell at the funeral home on crenshaw what the men and women then saw was an act of selfless duty there stood a stunning beauty in the doorway on the metaphysical porchway saying close the screen door so the flies won’t get in close the screen door so the guys won’t get in I said close that motherfucking screen door so the lies wont get in what kind of place would put an advertisement on a dead man’s face donna wakes stunning beautiful like a timid ocean fluorescent pillow high yellow motion orange red a dead man’s head inside he dreams of sex unknown to all who come to pay their