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constantly sunshine…

sunday night…took bibi to see jake rodriguez (composer, performer, PS sound designer and all around genius dude) and an amazing drummer (his name escapes me sorry dude you were great – i’d pay to hear you wash dishes) and what a beautiful set of music it was…large chunks of sonic matter hurled in every direction like medicine balls that never got the memo about gravity…music like a large stack of pancakes yer mom would make for you if she were 80 feet tall and starring in a science fiction movie…eat this son, it’s good for you…music you think you don’t wanna meet in a dark alley until you realize it likes you… and then you become friends…and then it turns into an ex-girlfriend with christopher lee eyes and fangs…and then it’s turns back into music again…but it never lets you off the hook…

rodewald, bibi and i doing the monday offday thing like astronauts on a mission…but rain and muir woods don’t mix… even on offdays… so we’ll go in a few days once the clouds go away…we took bibi to city lights books today…her first visit…i remember the first time i walked in there…too bad vesuvios doesn’t let kids in even with parent…what are they scared of? losing liquor license i guess…understandable…in berlin such problems don’t exist…saw bibi’s godfather jeff merchant play at brainwash later that evening – good show – that song of his that goes “call yourself shadowy in the low light” is the best song anyones ever written…it goes so well with the rain…for the last 2 days i’d been thinking about a forgotten song of mine that i wrote about the bay area…couldn’t remember much of it…not even the title…then tonight at dinner on polk st bibi says to me “that song ‘my damn butterfly’ popped up on my ipod and I’d never heard it so i had to listen to it over and over…” and i thought how weird – that’s the very song i’d been trying to remember…just weird…here i am years after that song was written running around berkeley and oakland and that old song goes “and oakland and berkeley are fine when the sun wants to shine” and we’re talking about that song as the rain comes down like god pissing on polk st…

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  1. Lindsey wrote:

    Damn there needs to be a Passing Strange “soundtrack”. I get those amazing songs in my head and then I can only remember halves of them and I am tearing my hair out just to sit and listen to the beauty and truth in them. See y’all around!

    Thursday, November 16, 2006 at 5:59 pm | Permalink

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