regarding blogs

since i last blogged all kinds of amazing shit has happened. wonderfully inspiring life changing stuff. and i’ve been too busy living it to blog about it.

this blogging thing really just isn’t for me. i’m too old fashioned. i understand diaries. a place to unload your private thoughts. but i don’t really get why i’m supposed to think anyone will care about my day to day thoughts. when i do read blogs i’m always stunned at how mundane they are. my life is more interesting than the average blogger’s and yet i’m not deluded enough to think it’s all that interesting.

all the internet savvy people tell me it’s just a trick to get people to “keep coming back to your site.” yeah yeah. i’m so tired of hearing that. if you are reading this now please get out of here and email someone you love and tell them that you love them. maybe that’s a good reason for a blog to exist. to remind you to tell people you love them.

i hope someday soon i will be able to provide you with a quality reason for coming back to this site. like new songs and stuff. but until then…

today i ate sushi. isn’t that fascinating?


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  2. I ate chicken wrapped in tin foil, then the cops came and saw the tin foil and thought we were smoking heroin with the tin foil.

  3. Last night was incredibly inspiring, man.

    Keep on kicking ass.

    Love and mucho respect….


  4. I promise not to keep checking here, but I will keep looking to your remarkable talents for inspiration. Thank you for Passing Strange — I sat in Pretzel Man’s seat last night — it was life affirming and life changing.

  5. We saw Passing Strange in Berkeley last November…what an amazing trip. I was thinking about the show and humming the songs for weeks afterwards.

    When are you going to perform in LA again??

    (I will now obligingly go email my parents and tell them I love them.)

  6. I like your blog–it’s not boring at all, and what’s interesting about it isn’t personal so much as intellectual/creative/off the cuff.

  7. i’ve been listening to your music a lot lately and i really think yall should come back to Texas. Where I don’t care, its a big diverse place but I know my way around. I suggest Austin if you like hipsters, Houston if you like traffic, San Antonio if you like immigrants, and College Station if you like drunk rednecks (where I live).

    The last show (and unfortunately, the only show) that I saw yall at was when yall opened for Counting Crows in Huntsville (a city which is only famous for did THEY get a Stew show?). Yall kicked ass, and I wish yall would have played a longer set. Not that Counting Crows didnt kick ass too, but, yalls show was rediculously good. Like, hey i just found a 50 dollar bill in my Toblerone package good. Just saying. Think about playing in Texas again.

  8. damn. i just found you all by accidental google ! what great and brave minds. i’m getting your work on cd and i would like to know about the musical and the films and all. thanks. btw. your blog statement said it all. your honesty is great.. uncletomcruiseecontrolpaneldiscussiongroupsextherapydepartmentheadstartengineblockpartytimepeaceworkoutsidemeatmarketfreshmouthwashpowderpuffdaddyohsayuncletom etc..

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  10. Was that the real Tony Millionaire that posted?

    Stew, loved what Adam wrote about you. Took, the words right out of my mouth. I’m glad the play has been successful, but damn already, ditch that stage stuff, and play some more live shows with Heidi. We miss your black skiing ass in San Diego.

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