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does winter own a calendar?

the berlin snow having missed her christmas cue by a week comes in late and stumbling as if having partied all night spilling packages everywhere and with her usual sense of calender conscious bravado our seasonal drama queen makes her big entrance into the capital of the last century on new years day.

And its all Capra-esque right now.

the backyard
(see the back of guest host *)
looks like a glamorous movie star’s flat
from some 30s movie

Or like Iowa:
Everything is white

Mimi (my daughters cat) and I stare out onto the falling whiteness, hypnotized.
We share the same opinion of snow:
Its a miraculous inconvenience…

My daughter was supposed to have cleaned the cat box yesterday.
But Mimi prefers to go in the wild.
And right now its a big cold cat box out there.
And Mimi is ready to bust a move.

Besides, shes far more curious about snow than i am
She probably doesn’t even remember it from last year
…i do…

My daughter and her friends roamed the streets of Berlin last night
Freezing cold and deliriously happy
Just like me and mine did many years ago.

We start band rehearsals on Thursday.
I will go directly from Newark airport to the rehearsal hall.

My resolution is to be in a Broadway musical.



*sorry, i don’t know how to create links

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