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the other kind of blog…

my daughter has been in town for the past week…i havent paid much attention to this blog cuz she and i have been doing a live blog…thats when you bump into us on shattuck and we tell you whats up…its been a wonderful whirlwind week…she digs the bay area just as much as i do…she got to check out the play from the control booth tonight (thanks Cyd!)…i hope to return to this here spot with fotos of this and that so stay tuned…thursday and friday shows were really jamming…tonight (friday) was especially intense…and we had a really great hang at Downtown afterwards with the cast, crew and some super-friends and supporters of the show who were absolutely cool. there are alot of things that make me proud of my daughter but one of my favorite little things is her ability to hang with adults. i used to hang out with my dad and his friends as well…i didn’t get all their jokes…but that never stopped me from laughing…

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