and the time frame says it’s alright…ok, WIND IT UP!!!

i was just getting started when all i saw were hands waving hysterically (director/stage managers) urging me to wind it up.
wished we coulda kept rockin’ and just gone to commercial.
rockus interuptus.
though i must admit i never thought i’d hear our band name (TNP) uttered on national television.
i think back on all the uptight clubs that wouldn’t book us because of our name.
thanks to ms. walters and ms. goldberg for giving our weird little play some SERIOUS love.
but geez, medleys are a motherfucker.

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  1. […] so proud of stew! He just blogged about it […]

  2. I’ve been trying to get my wife, her sister and her mother to make a sojourn from the LBC to NYC to see the show since it was playing Off-Broadway last year. The Spike Lee plug was helpful, but I gotta give props to Whoopi and The View for finally getting the point across. Here’s hoping that homeboys and homegirls from across the nation will descend en masse on “The Great White Way” (or “The Great Black Way,” according to ABC News.Com) as a result. See you soon!

  3. I hope PS is still playing on NY when I get my finances together. Loved the Berkeley production, but nothing would beat seeing it on Broadway.

  4. EVITA who needs ya’
    When Wheeeee! Got


    Another suitcase
    in another hall…
    Lawd Ah Mercibeaucoup
    Gawd BLESS your
    Multi Dialectable
    Negrow Conglowm-narration
    Web eLong 2D Mutual Admiration
    Society Looking Forward
    To The One Man
    STEW and One Woman
    High D ! SHOW
    anyday now…
    Diamond Dawgz

    Happy Mother’s Day After Umpapa

  5. I found Stew snd The Negro Problem by reccommendation from Adam Duritz and now sing your praises to everyone I know every chance I can get!!! I cannot wait to come see you on the Great “White” Way!!
    Reps to you Stew, never change!!

  6. I spent several weeks working on the show up to just before Opening and I have not been as sad as I was when I had to leave. It is one of the only shows that I have worked on that I ever wanted to mix that I wasn’t doing so. Rock on Stew! You have an awesome show!

  7. Jared & Joanne introduced me to an amazing talent some years ago in Williamsburgh Brooklyn… just WOW ! Congrats & rock on !

  8. I just saw the show last Thursday and we can’t seem to spread the word fast enough!! Brilliant and untouchable!

  9. We just saw the show last Thursday night and we can’t spread the word fast enough! A genius work of art. Congratulations!

  10. Stew when I saw you Hidie, the band, and cast on the view it was beautiful and it rocked hard. It also totally blew my mind. When I saw you on the Tony Awards. It was perfect. Thanks for doing what you do. Never stop never surrender. Give it to’em And to they guy who mixed for Stew on Broadway. I used to mix for Stew at Hell’s Gate in LA. Stew always puts on a great show. And it helps when you love the songs.I love the songs! All of’em Late JB

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