i like to watch

now that we’re on broadway i get to have an assistant (Mike) but what’s really fun is having an understudy…his name is David and I watched him perform today and i was in heaven…

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  1. Why don’t you call him your UnderStewdy?

  2. Ok… I understand the importance of understudies, but… I just have to say… I we show up for the show and it says the part of Stew will be played by David… I will be incredibly sad.

  3. Hey Stew! We’re coming to Broadway to see your fab opus! I know it’ll be a huge success & I can’t wait to see it. Love to you & Heidi, Julie de Las Julias

  4. Mark, I wish I could be there to see it myself. Maybe you’ll bring it “home” to L.A.

  5. I had some Irish Stew on St. Patty’s day. And, I’ve turned my girlfriend on to your music. I can’t get her to shut up, it’s always “naked dutch painter” this and that. Anyway, we’re going to New York, and catching the play. But damn it…come to San Diego again. I never missed a show here.

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