this shit is crazy…

go to amazon and see what our 1st record is selling for…it’s the version released on our own label, Aerial Flipout.

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  1. WTF!! Is it out of print?

    Amazon page says it’s $99.99 — from used dealers/sellers: Post Minstrel-Syndrome.

    That *is* crazy!

    Nice to see you blogging again stew! Missing you lots out here in blighted SoCal.

  2. I wonder what copy of Sweetboot 3 would go for? Will it ever be released?

  3. It was pointed out on the mailing list that there are two versions with different SKUs:
    B0000A0DUK and B000005CUP.

  4. Yeah baby I got mine. I also have a 7″ single of Birdcage b/w Miss Jones. How many 7″ singles did you release?

    Yeah, and Sweetboot 3…or even a few shows in LA…priceless…

    best regards, Bed

  5. Hey, it’s worth it!

    But count me glad that I bought it from you at Largo for $10.

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