loosey goosey sunday…two shows…both great fun…happening crowds…whoever said sunday crowds were sleepy must have been asleep…

nice performing with my daughter in the house…the only critic in the world that matters…she digs the show… so we’ve done something wright

and while we’re on the subject of actual things lemme get my blab on regarding the issue of autobiography…

what you saw up there on stage was not by any means a depiction of things as they actually happened to me personally. it’s possible to make autobiography without getting bogged down by actual details…but you knew that, right?

in future posts i’ll explore this whole “fibbing in order to tell the truth” approach to autobiographical fiction. i’ll also write about where the characters came from…but for now just know that…

the charger on my ibook is broken so i can’t write anymore tonight…yet another case for duct tape…


Comments (3) to “auto-bio-fick”

  1. Fry’s Electronics in Fremont is really good for fining laptop chargers & such.

  2. And what is that about Fry’s Electronics, anyway! Damn that previous comment. Well, this is actually on your statement about embellishment. My son comes from a long line of “storytellers.” Grandfather, father, and now him. I love that he’s understood that it’s the telling of the story as much as it is the “facts” behind the story, that is important. It also helps to love the attention this happens to get him with young women, he’s 19 and now currently in Paris (but that’s another story in and of itself.) See you Friday night.

  3. That comment is from me, a long-time Stew fan who thought he might like a bit of help with his computer problem.

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